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The iconic white houses of the Balearic Islands date back to a very simple but ingenious invention of our ancestors – “the quicklime”.

The process of using quicklime, made from limestone, was an incredibly simple and inexpensive method of creating a fine paste that was used on exterior and interior walls.
Limestone is abundant on the island, you can find it both in the mountains and on the coast, and it is an ancient rock composed of shells and skeletons of calcified animals.




In order to transform a very strong and durable rock into quicklime, large kilns are needed, fed by an enormous amount of wood that heated the rock to such an extreme that they turned it into dust. This powder was then mixed with water so that the resulting material could be used as paint or cement.
Not only did it help to protect the climate, it also scared away the annoying mosquitoes.
Some villages still continue to whitewash their churches.

Ibiza’s radiant and warm November welcomed us to experiment with our just recently launch IBIZALIVING Ecological Lime Paint, Finca White.
We are painting the outside walls, of this astonishing IBIZALIVING wide open countryside property, with our Eco Lime Paint super crisp white shading. Check our architecture portfolio.

Lime painting is still alive.

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