“The golden ratio is the key to universal physics.“
Sir Edward Victor Appleton

The IBIZALIVING design approach: A multi-disciplinary approach, that follows a set of principles rather than stylistic codes.

The IBIZALIVING team believe in the importance of natural design philosophy applied to architecture; seeking sustainable and natural solutions for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Wherever we look we see the same patterns everywhere in the world. From a tiny snail shell to giant spiral galaxies, the entire universe is built according to the laws of sacred geometry.

The Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion, is the key behind the processes that beget life. It is a universal principle that can be found on all levels of existence. From the molecules of our DNA , to the cornea of our eye, the snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals or diamond crystals, every type of motion or growth is governed by the same divine rules. The forms, proportions, shapes and ratios, derived from the Golden Mean, and the Fibonacci Sequence are the essential underlying code to all natural creation.

Through careful study and application of these universal principals, the IBIZALIVING architects develop their work and designs.

Magali Meier


María Eugenia Silva Cabrera


Joan Casellas Solano

Ventas Nacionales

José Luís Paino Sánchez

Draftsman Designer

Kashaya Rustige

Creative Director

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The Architects

The Architects

Ibizan Architecture

Sacred Geometry


We design homes using architectural design principles of forms & proportions, orientation & energy, environment & material. All design home projects aim to balance and connect with their natural surroundings.

Aspiring to design and build your Ibiza style home anywhere in the world.

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