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Learn more about our architectural practice in Ibiza, and the connection between their architect’s portfolio and their working philosophy: a sustainable and healthy architecture and lifestyle.

Aspiring to share Ibiza´s architecture and design home anywhere in the world.

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We design homes using architectural design principles of forms & proportions, orientation & energy, environment & material. All design home projects aim to balance and connect with their natural surroundings.


Based in Santa Eulalia, IBIZALIVING architects firm was founded 30 years ago and has created a wealth of distinctive architectural designs & homes in Ibiza.

Discover our portfolio of properties; those sustainable and environmentally friendly houses that follow laws and aesthetics governed by the forces of sacred geometry while and, as always, inspired by the strong spirit and character of Ibiza.

We strive to create unique and timeless works.


This completed IBIZALIVING project is sold.

Contact us by email   or by telephone at +34 971 332 911 or +34 678 701 807 for further info.


Total care of your house in Ibiza.

Our team of professionals attentive to your needs and those of your Ibizan home.


Sustainable products designed by IBIZALIVING for a better living.

IBIZALIVING Architecture & Design, has created a series of sustainable products for a better way of living.

Applying the wisdom of sacred geometry and true to Ibiza style. Using noble and recycled materials, IBIZALIVING has developed a collection of practical, yet exclusive and sustainable products and building components.


Sharing our principles, interests and latest news about architecture, sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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