SPIRIT: ´Sky´or ´Heaven´; things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy.

We design homes using architectural design principles of forms & proportions, orientation & energy, environment & material.
All design home projects aim to balance and connect with their natural surroundings.

Aspiring to design and build your Ibiza style home anywhere in the world.


Nature is the ultimate master of design, providing unlimited patterns which are the source of both natural beauty and endless fascination. The concept of sacred geometry is the heart of nature’s intricate shapes.

All of nature’s structures are governed by a set of geometric patterns and a handful of mathematical ratios. The Key elements of sacred geometry are the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence; found throughout the natural world and producing some of the most beautiful shapes intrinsic to life.

Our natural lifestyle architects apply sacred geometry to the creation of every sustainable design and product, incorporating its unique natural patterns.


Our sustainable approach starts by investigating of the orientation of each structure. Our architects design and build according to the cardinal directions and Earth’s magnetic lines.

The entire universe which unites all forms of life is made up of the following five elements: Water (North East), Fire (South East), Earth (South West), Air (North West), Spirit (Center). These elements are constantly interacting with each other.

We design or homes and products to enhance these relationships and strengthen the beneficial qualities of each individual element.


Our team is continually researching new strategies that lead towards the creation of a circular economy. This is characterized by; reduced consumption of natural resources, recycling, promoting local sources of labor, products and materials.

The long-term protection of the environment and climate is a matter of great importance to us and is essential for sustainable architecture. We thoroughly consider all types of renewable energies as well as natural insulation and ventilation systems.

For all our building projects we provide intelligent building site management. As we all know; green homes are healthier, more comfortable and durable. They are more energy-efficient and therefore have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes.

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