IBIZALIVING presents our collection of recycled wood furniture – 100% unique, strong and beautiful


Recycling, re-purposing, reclaiming, even up-cycling – the terms are banded around everywhere but what do they actually mean? Here at IBIZALIVING, we think that they ultimately come down to the same thing – the reusing of materials to create something new. If you’re trying to live a more sustainable, Eco-friendly life, then reclaimed and recycled wood furniture is a great place to start and here’s why….

Helping the environment

We live in a world with finite natural resources and their scarcity is a hot topic, so we’re enthusiastic about the use of reclaimed wood in contemporary furniture. The reclaimed wood used for furniture is taken from a number of sources like old barns, warehouses, railway sleepers and even storage containers like wine barrels and beer casks. By using this recycled wood rather than live trees, furniture makers are reducing the need to cut down new wood – helping to reduce the effects that the industry has on the environment.


It’s 100% unique

Another benefit of incorporating reclaimed wood furniture is that each piece is 100% unique and has lots of character from the different grain patterns, knots and burrows, nail holes, discoloration and uneven edges found in salvaged wood. Each piece of wood has its own story with a little piece of history to tell. Recycled wood furniture is more interesting than mass produced furniture and that’s what makes each piece charming and unique.

It’s strong

Having been in some form of use for years before being made into furniture, reclaimed wood has been open to the elements which mean that it has contracted and expanded numerous times. This means that it’s dried it out entirely and there’s no risk of warping and splitting. As well as this, recycled wood is usually much older than the young trees that are cut down for furniture production. This is great for the sturdiness of the reclaimed furniture pieces as the grain is generally much denser – making the wood less prone to cracking and chipping.



Sustainable Products designed by IBIZALIVING for a better living.

At IBIZALIVING we are designing a line of tables and chairs in recycled, certified, handmade Ibiza pine wood, instead of using live wood from our brothers in the Amazon rainforest, whose deforestation is a growing problem and for which we are all responsible.

Applying the wisdom of sacred geometry and true to Ibiza style. Using noble and recycled materials, IBIZALIVING has developed a collection of practical, yet exclusive and sustainable products and building components.

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