IBIZALIVING is proud to introduce BLUE GLASS BOTTLES; a beautifully designed collection created in harmony with nature to enhance your water drinking experience.



Glass is a beautifully elegant and endlessly recyclable natural material. Its frequency is in harmony with – and compliments – that of living water, increasing its level of oxygen and in turn, keeping it fresher and cleaner for longer. Glass is unique in that unlike other materials, it does not require additional layers or chemicals to protect the quality of what it encloses; when the purity of glass is combined with the purity of water, the energetic synergy is palpable. It is for this reason that we recommend keeping the contents of IBIZALIVNG BLUE GLASS BOTTLES range to pure water alone, to protect and maintain its quality.



As the colour most associated with the water element, blue not only reflects the deepest, most cobalt of our oceans, but also the true harmonic frequency of water at its core. Placed within the essence of its natural environment, water is reminded of its primordial state and therefore prompted to return to its original frequency, free from all external interferences that may have occurred in its lifetime. When we take into consideration that everything in the universe—including our own bodies—is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, we can better understand that the colour blue (and its frequency) has a calming effect on the body as an organism, of which around 65% is made of water, and can help to alleviate anxiety and stress.



Drink blue!…and bring your own blue bottle . Our handmade hemp bottle sling fits in size S the half liter bottles as well in size L the one liter bottles.  An eco-chic way to empower your water with the vibration of 100% Organic Hemp from Nepal.


The IBIZALIVING range of BLUE GLASS BOTTLES work in synergy with nature to help energetically clean and cleanse the water contained within; placing the bottle in sunlight for 30-60 minutes amplifies the rejuvenating process through the absorption of solar energy. For best results, allow the bottle to then absorb moonlight overnight, which helps to rebalance the waters frequency thus returning it to its natural state of innocence. This is the detailed process behind the creation of Blue Solar Water. Blue Solar Water can have profound effect on our health and well being, and that of all living things, inviting the frequencies of truth, communication and pure authentic self-expression – in other words, assisting in each person’s individual journey of the self.


To increase the frequency of your water and raise your overall vibration, fill your IBIZALIVING BLUE GLASS BOTTLE  with pure spring water –  or the best quality water to which you have access –  Prepare to be transformed from the inside out…



The inclusion of the ancient symbols on the BLUE GLASS BOTTLES serve as beautiful metaphors, reminding us of divine design, creation, and man’s journey from material existence to enlightenment.