Just remain at the centre of the circle And let all things take their course.
-Lao Tzu

We are proud to announce the completion of the IBIZALIVING Five Elements logo!  We are displaying it in content with IBIZALIVING Ecological Lime Paint offering 5 Elements senses of Ibiza colours.  Finca White – white spirit colour is our first ecological lime paint launch.  Beautifully visible also on IBIZALIVING  Blue Water Bottle.

The IBIZALIVING Five Elements logo has been designed based on our core vision and on the principles of Sacred Geometry; to raise the positive energy vibration of all things that come into its path. It symbolizes natural individualism and balanced harmony as whole. These five elements are in constant relationship with each other.


Earth / hard, solid objects of the earth

Water / fluid, flowing, formless matter

Air / things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement

Fire / energetic, forceful, moving things

Spirit / “sky” or “heaven”; things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy

The Golden Circle – The Circle Of Life

According to Pythagoras – the circle is the most perfect form, which contains everything and everything is shown. Each point on the circle is exactly the same distance from the centre.

The circle has no end nor beginning- is endless and stands for not-being and eternity. The circle is in a sense the original symbol. As a matter of fact, the dot also is a circle, filled but small, yet it is a circle.

With a dot and circle you have already reached the core of the circle symbol: the circle is the outer appearance, the construct – the truly immanent aspect of the symbol is the central point around which everything revolves.

This may or may not be displayed, as with the astrological symbol for the sun. It exists and anyone who has ever drawn or constructed a circle themselves knows that this central point exists. This centre represents the central force, the core of energy. In the figurative sense of God, cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. The symbol of the circle generally stands for wholeness, unity, perfection, eternity, life without beginning and end, balance and cosmos.